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The stress caused by some ' external stressors' can actually be good for us as the automatic response our evolution has given us can help protect us against a threat such as a burglar in our house by increasing our ability to respond.  Life events such as work pressures, relationship changes, financial issues or the loss of someone are also external stressors and are often causes of more challenging stress and anxiety.

Anxiety and stress is also caused by our own internal stressors such as our 'thinking style'. We can often expect the worse from a situation and we stay 'on guard' all the time so our biological response systems stay switched on creating stress. Our family influences, our own biology, can also have an effect with the way we have grown up and created unhelpful  habits.

The good news is that these feelings are absolutely normal and, as we have seen, can even have some benefits.

Learning to cope with anxiety and stress can create a much healthier life and the body even has its own in-built system to deal with it too - often called the relaxation response!

When relaxed you can't be anxious and relaxation triggers the body's own biological response systems to help you. We can show you many different techniques to help initiate this 'relaxation response' and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

Our Stress Reduction Programmes will help you understand and manage stress. We can not only help you learn ways to relax, but also how to challenge your unhelpful thoughts, improve your problem solving skills and to reduce time worrying.

We can help show you how to stop avoiding things that make you anxious, to create awareness and to learn to live in the present moment away from the worry of the future or the history of the past.

We can help you get back to what really matters to you, your values, and how to apply these to your everyday life.

Creating purpose and putting goals in place that are in tune with what you really value will help you feel in control again.



'Managing Stress through Awareness, Resilience and Relaxation' 




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