The Stress Reduction Practice


In today's busy world we have so many distractions, particularly since the social media and mobile explosion, we are asked to multi-task all the time yet expected to focus our attention - particularly at work.

This can create significant stress for us and can make us less effective at making decisions. In  a busy world we are often focusing on what has happened and thinking about what might happen. We are so busy 'doing' we haven't time for just 'being'. We rarely just live in the present moment where in fact everything actually happens!

Using the practice of mindfulness we can help get back to this present moment thinking;create awareness, boost concentration and help us handle our thoughts and emotions more effectively. This can provide us with a great place to make effective and long lasting decisions.

There is a great body of evidence now that indicates that mindfulness practice actually creates neural changes in the brain that reduces an individuals negative stress response and this can create long lasting beneficial changes in so many areas of our life.

Mindfulness practice is about being present in the moment, paying attention on purpose and not making judgements about what we notice. It is a natural state of mind where your 'auto-pilot of life' is switched off and you can become more aware and in tune with yourself.

Mindfulness requires practice but can easily become a way of life. Being 'aware' opens up a new world and we can see things as if for the first time.

In itself it is a great practice for handling stress; combined with other 'acceptance' and 'commitment' techniques it can be enormously effective in handling most of the difficult situations life puts in front of us.

Mindfulness plays a central role in our Stress Reduction Programmes. We run an 8 week 'Mindfulness Now' programme for those who want to create significant change in their lives through the practice of mindfulness.

The 'Mindfulness Now' programme combines the original Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme devised by Dr Jon Kabat-Zin with Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) that is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) for the prevention of relapse in recurrent depression.



To learn more about the 'Mindfulness Now' programme follow this link to the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation.

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