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Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy is the integration of Hypnosis with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  It is an evidence-based therapy with strong scientific support.

We use hypnosis as a way of using the imagination whilst ‘paying attention’ with a certain level of motivation and expectation to what is happening.

It can be explained in normal psychological terms and is not some special ‘state’. Rather, it is an excellent method of being relaxed yet totally aware of what is going on. It is a place where you can  focus on the positive suggestions you want to give yourself.

Understanding how our thoughts, sensations, feelings and behaviours interact is core to cognitive behavioural therapy. What you think and do affects the way you feel. For many issues a combination of increased tension combined with poor thinking habits can lead to unwanted behaviours and often an unhelpful  vicious cycle can develop as each part feeds off each other. CBT is 'present focused' and is about what gets us 'stuck' in this vicious cycle today. It can help change our thinking and actions so we can improve the way we feel.

Hypnosis adds an extra dimension to this, helping us practice safely in our imagination and then taking the learnings into real situations. 

CBT has the strongest evidence base for effectiveness of any of the ‘talking’ therapies and combined with the proven effectiveness of hypnosis it creates powerful, fast and long lasting results

Using a systematic approach to relaxation, acceptance and changing your behaviour leads to a much richer and empowering experience in many areas of your life.

We help you discover blockages to your potential, create new pathways to deal with your challenges and help you get that feeling of well-being back.

We follow the simple belief that if we can give you the skills to manage situations yourself then you will gain lasting tangible benefit from our work together.











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