The Stress Reduction Practice

The role of a coach is to help the individual they are coaching to explore a topic or issue, to gain a better understanding, to become aware and from that state to make a better decision than they might have done otherwise.

Awareness leads to change.

The coach has been trained to unlock your potential by working with you to identify real measurable goals and targets, find the way forward through the issues you may have, help you drive to attain a resolution and deliver the results you want.

Often the lack of personal direction can create stress in our lives.

Coaching isn't really a therapy but more of a guide to help you discover what is important to you and what you might do to make those important things in life be part of your everyday living.

Setting achievable goals that really mean something is fundamental - in line with your own personal values. The coach is the guide, you are responsible for the outcome.

Our coaching is targeted at supporting you, giving you a place to offload, discuss issues in confidence, clarify your thoughts, explore solutions and focus on actions that will enable your goals to be met.

























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